The Catalog of Low-energy Houses was created as the result of many years of experience in the design and construction of low-energy houses.
By issuing the catalog, we wanted to inform future builders on the methods of low-energy construction, and to show the advantages of low-energy construction.
Author and publisher Domprojekt d.o.o., 2011.

The introductory text of the Catalog gives clarification on what low-energy construction is, the parameters for the construction of low-energy buildings, and the measures of energy efficiency in buildings, while it also presents the construction system for low-energy buildings.
The Catalog contains 80 types of houses with the exterior views of the building, along with the floor plans. In order to fulfil the idea of rational energy use as efficiently as possible, in the design phase, great care was given to the orientation and conception of rooms, and the size of the windows.
Catalog of Low-energy Houses (Katalog niskoenergetskih kuća), author and publisher Domprojekt d.o.o., published 2011, hard cover, in color, 148 pages, Croatian language.
Katalog niskoenergetskih kuća price =189,00 kn.